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Production Made Easy!

Welcome Home. Ilienfero Productions is a full service production company built on three core principals: 


Scalable Model. 


Whether you need a two man team for a run & gun shoot, or you're aiming for the stars with a big campaign, by sidestepping the hefty overhead costs of larger production companies, we can pour more resources into fueling your creative vision.

Dedication to Creative.


We believe in crafting stories that feel more like entertainment than ads - our entire purpose is to create the best work possible.

Collaborative Approach. 

Collaboration means understanding your project needs. Crew size is tailored to maximize creative and budget. Post production is the same. We offer full in house post-production services, but also partner with leading Post-Production Houses if the project demands it.

Our Services:

Our services give brands and agencies the opportunity to create cinematic content at any scale and with incredible agility.

Creative Development

We are happy to help develop your ideas or come up with some for you!  

We offer a highly individualized approach. Every brand is different, and we tailor our creative to match yours. 



We'll let you in on a little secret: our production capabilities are so impressive that we like to show them off regardless of time, size, scope, and budget.


This, of course, is just a roundabout way of saying we produce content of all lengths, types, and budgets.


Did we just say the same thing twice? You bet your bottom dollar we did. Double trouble, baby!



We've got full in-house capabilities + if your project demands it, we've got a full range of premier post-production partners.

Whatever the ask, we'll make it happen.


under armour.jpg


Leslie Gascoigne - Trampoline Branding

"In the 10 Years we've had Saint Mary's University as a client, these are by far the best ads we've done."

Nikki Anjavi -

LG2/Under Armour

"The Ilienfero team was such a pleasure to work with. Ben, Ilia and the crew are extremely creative, organized, efficient and lovely to work with overall. They ensured all of our deliverables were met, kept each shoot day extremely efficient and tactical, and ensured there was a positive energy to work in at all times! I highly recommend working with them!"

David Tonen - BeResponsive Media

"Ben and Ilia are creative, direct well, and provide a high-quality finished product. As a marketing agency, we live “creative” every day. It was so refreshing to have them take us outside our comfort zone to bring our scripts to life."



Executive Producer: Ilia Lipsman -  |  Tel: 902-237-8760

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