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Halifax's Premier Video Production Partner

Experience the Power of Emotion-Driven Video Content

Tailored Teams for Maximum Flexibility


Our scalable model sets us apart, allowing flexibility to assemble the perfect team for your project, large or small. This ensures optimal resource allocation, superior quality, and results that exceed expectations, all while keeping an eye on your budget.

Creative Powerhouse


We’re equipped with everything needed to produce breakthrough creative work in-house. From initial strategy and concepting to final scripting, our approach ensures your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Our Services:

Our services give brands the opportunity to create cinematic content at any scale and with incredible agility.

Creative Development

We are a production company with a range of agency capabilities. We do strategy, concepting, and scripting all right here in the office.


From short, sticky content, to branded films/docs, to big campaigns: at long last, say hello to creative that makes your insides all tingly.



Our production capabilities are vast and varied, tailored to meet any scale and budget without compromising on quality.


We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every frame, tailored exactly to your project’s requirements



We've got full in-house capabilities + if your project demands it, we've got a full range of premier post-production partners.

Whatever the ask, we'll make it happen.


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Leslie Gascoigne - Trampoline Branding /

Saint Mary's University

"In the 10 Years we've had Saint Mary's University as a client, these are by far the best ads we've done."

Brian Urquhart -

Halifax Mooseheads

"Watching the video on opening night with the arena lights off and the fans going wild gave me chills... it brought an energy to the crowd we hadn't seen since before COVID"

Dawn Brown -

Vogue Optical

"We are in LOVE with these commercials created by the talented folks at Ilienfero Productions."

Get in touch with us and let's create something incredible together!

Executive Producer: Ilia Lipsman -  |  Tel: 902-237-8760

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