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RBC Training Ground

We had an incredible opportunity to partner with Bell Media and film an ad for RBC Training Ground - focusing on the mental health of the athletes they represent. Our team took on the challenge of creating two visually and emotionally resonant commercials. With a nimble but incredibly talented crew, we made the most of the athletes early morning training sessions. 


The amount of dedication these athletes have to their crafts is beyond impressive, it was truly an honor capturing them doing what they love, and showcasing a different side of their personalities as they opened up about the physical and mental challenges of being a professional athlete.


  • 1x45

  • 1x30


 Production, Direction, Editorial, Color, Sound Design & Mix

Cinematographer shooting on a lake for RBC Olympics
Olympic athelete paddling for a commercial
Olympic athlete paddeling for a tv commercial
medium shot of rbc olympic athete paddeling


Client: Bell Media / RBC Training Ground

Production Company: Ilienfero Productions

Bell Media Producer: Sophia Lafleur

Produced by: Ilia Lipsman

Directed by: Ben Consmueller

Director of Photography: Ilia Lipsman

Sound: Nick Power-Grimm

Gaffer: The Sun

Editorial: Madeline Toal 

Colour: Ilienfero Productions

Rental House: Equifilm


Evie McDonald

Bret Himmelman

Julia Lilley Osende

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