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DER Touristik:
A Call To Adventure

Our team collaborated with Der Touristik to create a post-pandemic travel ad that would inspire people to travel once again. Our team was tasked with creative direction, production, voiceover, and post-production. Despite challenges posed by ongoing restrictions, we combined our own library of travel footage with stock footage to produce an immersive and visually stunning story.


Creative Direction, Scripting, Casting, Production, Direction, Post Production, Color, Voiceover, Sound Mix

Ben taking a shot with the camera
Our model sitting on the edge of a rock in Santorini
Ben and Ilia taking a break from filming at the Roman Colosseum


Production Company: Ilienfero Productions

Producer/Directed by: Ilia Lipsman

Director of Photography: Ben Consmueller

Model: Paige Smithers

Voiceover: Alex Middleton

Editorial: Ben Consmueller & Ilia Lipsman

Rental House: Equifilm

PA: Deschanel Fynn

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