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AC pulling focus on video production set in halifax as director watches



Ilia Lipsman


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Ben Consmueller


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Ilienfero is a full service creative production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but available for hire worldwide. Our goal has always been to create work that feels more like entertainment than an ad. The key word here is feel. That's what it's always about. Making your audience FEEL.  We believe in the magic of imagination, the wonders of creative content, the power of storytelling and the medicinal purposes of laughter. We believe in telling your story.

Our scalable model is the key ingredient behind our production company's success. It allows us to handpick our teams for each project. Whether you need a two man team for a run & gun shoot, or you're aiming for the stars with a big campaign. By sidestepping the hefty overhead costs of larger production companies, we can pour more resources into fueling your creative vision. We're all about exceptional quality and maximizing your investment.

In the end, we believe that the key to success in the creative industry is a mix of hard work, collaboration, and a healthy dose of humor. Because let's be real, sometimes you just need to laugh to keep from crying.

It's this authenticity and dedication to each project that sets us apart. We do whatever, and I mean whatever, it takes to turn the concept into a piece you'll be proud, nay, over the moon, to share with the world.

Most importantly, we're ready to get down to brass tracks and find solutions for whatever you’re working on. So call us and let's hash it out together.

CONTACT US  |  Tel: 902-237-8760

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