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Director of photography shooting with Arri Alexa Camera while director coaches actor on video production set



This is the part where we tell you that we make excellent creative partners and that we aren't a couple of know-it-all jerks. We care a lot. We listen deeply. We collaborate fully. It's important to us that our work feels less like another ad you'll forget the moment you finish watching it, and more like entertainment you'll want to show your friends.


We stick through the entire creative process, working tirelessly along with your creative team from conception to final edit. We say all that because well, it's true. Also, it probably wouldn't help our case if we came across as a couple of self-righteous d-bags.


We'll let you in on a little secret: our production capabilities are so impressive that we like to show them off regardless of time, size, scope, and budget. This, of course, is just a roundabout way of saying we produce content of all lengths, types, and budgets. Did we just say the same thing twice? You bet your bottom dollar we did. Double trouble, baby!


The east coast offers a diverse range of terrains at a fraction of the cost of larger markets, and we're happy to offer our famous hospitality to you. Need us to come to you? Not to worry - our production network stretches across Canada and the US - we've got you covered.

Director of photography looking at his camera during a halifax video production
Director talking to actors on a video production set
Director looking at monitor


Ben & Ilia operate as a Director Duo. They started their filmmaking career in the travel universe. Travel content is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants industry, and this allowed them to delve into each part of the creative process. 


This gave them the ability to communicate with each member of a project on a different level than most directors, because they've quite literally walked a mile in their shoes.

Their style reflects a raw, honest and emotive approach to filmmaking, always with a strong human focus. They are 100% self-taught, learning in just a few years to direct, film, edit and even create the sound design for their projects.


We won't leave you hanging after the shoot! We offer comprehensive post-production services both in-house and with our many partners across Canada. From offline editing to animation and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Having us as your post-production partner will not only save you time from re-explaining the creative vision, but also be more cost-effective. East Coast post-production is budget-friendly compared to our big brothers in Toronto or Vancouver.

We also love being able to carry the creative from concept to final edit. This way we make sure the initial vision, and the final product, stay on course.

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Nomad walking in sahara desert



CONTACT US  |  Tel: 902-237-8760

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