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Happy Father's Day

We embarked on a heartfelt project that captured the essence of dedication and family bonds. Our team took on the challenge of creating a visually stunning 30-second commercial... or so we hope. With a limited crew and a tight budget, we knew we had to make every moment count.

Watch as a hardworking father, juggling farm chores, creates unforgettable moments with his kids, melting their mother's heart. Filmed on a farm about an hour outside Halifax during sunsets and sunrises, we harnessed the power of nature as our gaffer.


  • 1x1

  • 1x30

  • 2x15


Casting, Production, Direction, Post Production, Color, Sound Mix

Director of photography on set with actors and horse
commercial director holding bunny
Actor showing another actor how to bat


Client: Mark's

Production Company: Ilienfero Productions

Produced by: Ilia Lipsman

Directed by: Ben Consmueller

Director of Photography: Ilia Lipsman

Gaffer: The sun

Animal Wrangler: Lola Brown

PA: Deschanel Fynn

Editorial/Color: Ilienfero Productions

Rental House: Equifilm


Mike Crowtz

Lola Brown

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