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A Pursuit Of Mastery: Short Documentary

We had the privilege of creating a documentary showcasing the work of Fabrice Goosens, a Halifax-based hyperrealism artist. Despite the challenge of filming in his small apartment, we were able to tell his inspiring story of resilience. Through our video, we conveyed Fabrice's message to creatives that no matter the obstacle, it's possible to turn your dreams into reality.

A Shot of an artist's hand drawing on paper


Creative Direction, Scripting, Casting, Production, Direction, Post Production, Color, Voiceover, Sound Mix

Hyperrealistic pencil drawings
A photo of the artist
A photo over the shoulder of the pencil artist's drawing


Production Company: Ilienfero Productions

Producer/Director of Photography: Ilia Lipsman

Directed by: Ben Consmueller

Editorial: Ben Consmueller & Ilia Lipsman

Rental House: Equifilm

PA: Deschanel Fynn

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