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Tiny Home Documentary - Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

Our video production company embarked on a captivating project, shooting a thought-provoking mini-documentary for the Mi'kmaq Friendship Centre in Prince Edward Island. Our team handled direction and production, capturing genuine emotions and authentic stories of Native people building homes for fellow Native individuals. The documentary showcases unity, empowerment, and the rich experiences within the Mi'kmaq Friendship Centre community, highlighting the project's meaningful impact.


Production, Direction, Post Production, Color, Sound Mix

a shaman looking down at the camera after blessing the homes
An every child matters flag blowing in the wind
A native man's hands holding a drum
A photo of a native man wearing traditional garb
The director of photography holding his camera while setting up a shot


Client: Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre Production company: Ilienfero Productions Producer: Ilia Lipsman

Directed by: Ben Consmueller & Ilia Lipsman

Cinematography by: Ben Consmueller &

Ilia Lipsman

Editorial/Color: Ilienfero Productions

Rental House: Equifilm

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