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Big Brothers Big Sisters: "The Big Run"
Short Documentary

We had the honour of documenting the inspiring journey of Liam McVarnock, a Halifax-based endurance athlete, who set out to run 176KM in just 24 hours to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Despite the challenge of being contacted just 48 hours before the event, our team quickly sprang into action, getting all the necessary details from Liam and arriving at 5am on race-day, ready to capture the action. Though we didn't have much time to gather background information, our video still manages to convey the intense emotion and physical demands of such an extraordinary event. We're also thrilled to report that our video helped raise over $12,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

A testimonial of our work


Creative Direction, Scripting, Production, Direction, Post Production, Color, Voiceover, Sound Mix

Liam hugging the executive director of big brothers big sisters
Liam halfway through the run smiling at the camera
A pacer checking his watch with his bike beside him
Liam and friends at the end of the run sitting in the back of a van


Production Company: Ilienfero Productions

Directed/Edited: Ilia Lipsman & Ben Consmueller

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